Your First Appointment

Image by Katherine Hanlon

At Tampa Bay Acu Health and Spine, we want you to be as comfortable as possible as you progress through your healing.  Many people have not had acupuncture before and may have questions.  When you come in for your first appointment, you should come in not too hungry and not too full either.  Wear comfortable clothing, remembering that your hands, arms and lower legs will probably need to be accessible.  Water will be provided to you and you may want to bring more water with you also.

Unlike conventional medicine, where lab draws will be ordered and special imaging may be needed, your condition will be evaluated by your health history, a series of fact finding questions,  and evaluation of your tongue, pulse, eyes and nails.   If you have musculoskeletal pain,  orthopedic physical tests may be done to help evaluate your condition.

We want your healing process to be as comfortable as possible, and we look forward to helping you on the road to health.

To facilitate your first appointment, you may wish to print out, complete, and bring in the initial health history questionnaire below.