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Herbal Consultations

Chinese Medicine

Do you need an herbal consultation?

Problems are always easier to fix when you address them early.   But at any stage of a problem, your body is made to work with herbal medicine, real, whole food nutrition and natural remedies.  A timely professional intervention can not only optimize your health, but also save you from years of poor health, medical procedures, health complications, extra expenses, and time off from work.   You may need a consultation if you:


  • have digestive problems

  • have food allergies

  • have early stage kidney failure

  • have  acid reflux and/or ulcers

  • have low energy

  • have poor sleep

  • have anxiety

  • deal with excess stress

  • have hot flashes or night sweats

  • have irritable bowel syndrome

  • have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis

  • have gastric ulcers

  • have the flu

  • are over 40

  • want to have better health

  • catch colds easily

  • use any sick time from work

  • believe that your long term health is worth more than a few dollars spent today.


We have formal education in western nutrition, eastern nutrition, Chinese Medicine diagnosis, and herbal medicine.  Call us and save time, money and get well at last.  Natural medicine works and you are worth it.

In Tampa Bay,  call  (727) 482-4942.

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