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Just a few happy patients

Jim T. Seminole, FL 

After my car accident, I was diagnosed with a bulging disc in my neck. All my normal activities became painful. Work, sleep, even brushing my teeth became painful. I was doing the usual treatments like chiropractic and physical therapy, and having no changes at all for months. I found Dr. Steve on line by fortune. After two treatments, I could not believe how much better I was. I wish I had found him earlier. Can’t recommend him enough!

Beth M. Indian Rocks Beach, FL.

I had been suffering from migraines on and off for many years. I finally tried acupuncture for it, and after two sessions I started to see a difference. A couple more sessions and I have virtually no headaches. I feel like I am finally free.

Jessica B. Clearwater, FL.

My Irritable Bowel Syndrome was really affecting my lifestyle, I was nervous about going out to eat even. After a few years of dealing with this, I decided to look for help. Steve did so much for me, the acupuncture was helpful and the herbs I could really tell worked. I still follow his dietary advice, usually. I am so much better off for it.

Elissa Wilds, Brandon, FL

Steve Dell-Jones is a exceptional at what he does. He is extremely knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to ensure you receive the best care possible. He is kind and patient in his approach and the results I achieved in a very short time with his treatment, blew me away. I have struggled with chronic low back pain for many years and thanks to Steve, I feel like a new person. His acupuncture, cupping, and point injection treatments are gentle and effective. I have also received a glutathione injection which gave me a much needed and noticeable energy boost after I was quite depleted from over work. I cannot recommend his care enough.

Diane Johnson, Cookville, TN

Dr. Dell-Jones is a wonderful resource for alternative medicine options. As a registered nurse for over 30 years, I know well the limitations of western medicine. I put off having a total knee replacement for years and decided to give his acupuncture treatments a try. He took the pain away from my degenerative knee in one treatment. I was shopping within an hour afterwards, on my feet for hours, with full mobility and zero pain. Wow! I highly recommend his care!

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