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Before you have back or neck surgery, read this


Alternatives to back surgery for herniated discs

See us three times before any back or neck surgery.

At Tampa Bay Acu Health and Spine, we are devoted to helping people get back to enjoying life by using the most efficient, healthy and cost effective methods possible.  In order to help you overcome the pain and limitations that can result from a bulging or herniated disc in the neck or back, we will use a customized approach to provide the best and healthiest outcome for you possible. 


A series of treatments at our clinic combining acupuncture and biopuncture will have you back in action in record time.

Acupuncture is an old but highly effective method for treating pain.  However, like the Chinese and Chinese medicine in general, we like to adapt and integrate the most effective methods possible.  This is why we use point injection therapy with our acupuncture and supplementation to address a bulging or herniated disc.  While every medical therapy has its purpose, when it comes to a spinal disc injury, acupoint injection therapy simply negates the need for months of physical therapy appointments, ongoing chiropractic visits and months of pain.  With our methods, much time and money is consistently saved.

For more information on the methods used for treating disc injury, please see ”What is Biopuncture” on this website.

Treating injuries of this nature typically requires a course of 3 to 6 treatments. This includes the disc injuries commonly referred to as “bulging disc”, “herniated disc”, “slipped disc”,  or “annular tear”.

Acu point injection therapy is also effective for ankylosing spondylitis and arthritis in the spine.

We know that our patients often come to us before having to try surgery, and after just  a few weeks with us NO LONGER CONSIDER SURGERY.  So save time, pain, and money, and come see us.

This research article from the Journal of Alternative and complementary Medicine describes the safety of homeopathic injectables.

J Altern Complement Med. 2005 Aug;11(4):609-16.

Safety of homeopathic injectables for subcutaneous administration: a documentation of the experience of prescribing practitioners.

Baars EW1, Adriaansen-Tennekes REikmans KJ.



The aim of this study was to chart the experiences of homeopathic injectables prescribing practitioners with regard to safety issues and the extent in which these practitioners would feel restricted in case subcutaneously administered homeopathics were banned.


This was a survey among practitioners who prescribe homeopathic injectables in 12 European countries.


Data were gathered from 1693 doctors experienced in the use of homeopathic injectables for subcutaneous use. The data are based on experience with an estimated 36 million patient contacts.


Of the 1693 doctors 1594 (94.2%) choose subcutaneous administration because of its therapeutic effect. 96.4% of the doctors never, very rarely, or rarely, observed any adverse reactions because of the subcutaneous form of application. The reported adverse reactions were mostly harmless (local redness, hematoma, local pain). Of the doctors, 98.1% never, very rarely, or rarely observed any adverse reactions caused by the specific homeopathic medicinal product used. In addition, 99.5% of the doctors desire homeopathic injectables for subcutaneous use to stay on the market and 89% would be severely or very severely limited in their profession if homeopathic injectables were not available.


The study suggests that homeopathic injectables have a very low risk profile. A very small number of severe adverse reactions (anaphylactic reaction, feverish symptoms, aversion/anxiety against injections, and asthma) have been reported with products with a concentration higher than 1:10,000.



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For rapid, highly effective relief from back pain, neck pain, joint pain and arthritis, see us in Wesley Chapel or Brandon.

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