Gentle Japanese            Acupuncture

By using acupuncture points that link with deep energetic meridians, internal disorders can be addressed with less needles and a shallower insertion of the needles.

Japanese acupuncture

In Japanese acupuncture, a special cord, called an ion pumping cord, is used to connect the needles and help balance the body’s natural polarity to treat a variety of health challenges. Some patients may find that they prefer Japanese style acupuncture due to its use of fewer needles and its relative simplicity. Japanese style can actually be done without puncturing the skin at all.  The needles can be taped to the skin and they still work by virtue of connecting important points to each other.

Like Chinese acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture can treat a wide variety of challenges, including stress, insomnia, knee pain, whiplash, fatigue, lumbar pain, and it can manage diabetes.

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