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Injection Therapy


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Point Injection Therapy/What is Biopuncture?


Not to be confused with conventional steroid shots, or trigger point injections, our Acu Point injections are designed to treat root cause as well as symptoms of chronic pain and injury in a safe, healthy manner.  We use homeopathic, herbal and vitamin based injections that have been in use in Europe for many decades.  In doing so, other procedures with more side effects can often be avoided.  

 Point injection therapy is a method useful for the following conditions:

Bulging disc
Herniated disc
Mild to moderate meniscus tear
Severe tendonitis
Stubborn sports injuries and arthritis


Quite simply we call this type of therapy “Non Surgical tissue repair”.  The effects of these treatments for  back  injury are often superior to surgery, minus the risk, high cost  and scar tissue from surgery.  This method involves the injection of a small amount of sterile, U.S FDA registered homeopathic or vitamin liquid into an acupuncture point in order to enhance the effect of  acupuncture as well as gain the pharmacological effect of the substance injected.


This would be used in cases of stubborn musculoskeletal pain or harder to treat joint injuries.  The homeopathic substances injected naturally stimulate your body’s ability to repair soft tissue, and are very beneficial for muscle, tendon and ligament damage, including the intervertebral discs of the back.  This method is consistently used successfully for bulging discs, herniated discs, tendonitis, and arthritis.


The long read:


What is Biopuncture?


Biopuncture was developed from point injection therapy which originated in China in the 1950’s.    Here, liquid herbal extracts or vitamins were injected into acupuncture points in order to treat more difficult health conditions. In Europe, the practice took hold with the use of liquid homeopathic injectables.  This has been a successful modality there since the 1980s.


Recently in the U.S., Bio-puncture has been gaining in popularity due to its effectiveness, acceptance by patients, and use of holistic principles. First, let’s discuss what homeopathic injectables are and how they work.  One of the basic premises of homeopathy is the law of Similars, or that like heals like.  This means, for example, that a preparation with fibroblast cell, the cells that give rise to connective tissue, will help something made of connective tissue such as a damaged tendon.  In homeopathy, this original material, in this case fibroblast cell, is prepared by diluting and percussing. This is how various concentrations of homeopathics are made. One may have seen homeopathic remedies that indicate “10X, 100X”, etc.  The higher the number, the more dilute the preparation is, yet the more effect it can have. This is because the real key here is the percussing. This is the process of shaking the substance so that its electric signal is imprinted on a medium. This is called a potentized preparation.  It is the potentized substance that signals the body to heal the similar substance. Now let me explain “electric signals”.


It is known that all the cells in our body communicate with each other in order to function together. For example, hormones, neurotransmitters, and messenger cells are all signals to cells to do certain jobs, release hormones, produce material, etc.  The messengers tell cells what to do by communication with receptor sites on the cell surface.  It is known that the cell has many receptor sites, and each accepts input from specific types of messengers.  Upon contact with the receptor site, a specific electric signal occurs, due to the chemical reaction that occurs when any two atoms react.  Thus far the information is canon- generally accepted physiology.  Now back to the homeopathic preparation. When a material is homeopathically prepared and percussed, that materials’ specific electric signal is imprinted upon a medium.  This medium is introduced to the body and it’s recorded electric signal initiates biological changes that are meant to happen anyhow.  This is how it triggers the body to begin a physiological change resulting in healing.

Now imagine if you would that we needed to treat a damaged tendon. Certainly we would want the fibroblast cell in our injectable mixture. But the injectables actually have a variety of physiological components. When the body has an injury, it releases a class of chemicals called cytokines.  Interleukin-1 is a primary cytokine that causes pain and inflammation when there is injury or infection. So our injectable for tissue damage has fibroblast, Anti-interleukin-1, but also erythrocyte (red blood cell), growth factors, healing substances such as arnica montana, and many others that all work in concert to treat pain, but also stimulate growth and repair of tissue.  Remember that all of these substances are present in very small amounts but are potentized, that is, they stimulate the body’s repair mechanisms by “looking like and acting like” messenger cells.

Some may say that they agree that the body communicates with itself, and that receptor sites are involved in physiological changes, but that they don’t believe that homeopathically prepared substances have any action.  To this I can only say that a great many physicians use both classic homeopathy and homeopathically prepared injectables, and the results from either make their own case.    Patients who may be surgery candidates often do not need surgery in a matter of a few weeks.  I have also had great success with knee injuries, tendonitis, rotator cuff injuries, and other pain cases.

And if the ability to treat bulging discs, sports injuries, damaged tendons or ligaments were not enough, there are also homeopathics that revitalize intracellular metabolic pathways.  I will try to keep this brief. But imagine that the biochemical process by which energy (ATP) is produced slows down over time due to accumulation of toxins, or poor production of needed co-factors. The result can be chronic fatigue.  Now know that there are also homeopathic injectables that contain metabolic co-factors, and many important biochemical constituents such as alpha-lipoic acid, b-vitamins, and cellular detoxifiers.  It is important to know that ingesting these substances may not be enough in chronic illness.  This is because the very physiologic processes of digestion, absorption, and cellular transportation are already compromised.  The difference with the homeopathic preparations are that they actually stimulate your body to utilize the needed co-factors on its own, as well as detoxify from within the cells so that the metabolism is more efficient.  This is how I begin to treat Chronic Fatigue, although each patient also gets a custom approach based on Chinese Medicine principles.

So in summary, injection therapy is easy on the patient, works with the natural healing mechanisms, is safe, affordable, and has little to no adverse reactions reported. 


It is used to treat:

Joint injuries

Bulging or herniated discs

Sports Injuries

Chronic Fatigue

Poor immunity

Interstitial Cystitis

Treatment is covered by some insurance plans.

Please call for info.


If you have any questions or need further consultation, please contact me at:

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