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Chinese Acupuncture

Dr. Tan Style and Master Tung Style


What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting very fine, single use, sterile, disposable needles into select acupoints which lie all along the human body.  This art is based on a system of meridians, or pathways, that traverse the human body and the associated acupoints on these meridians.  By providing a custom treatment, a practitioner is able to affect changes in a patients health by stimulating Qi (chee), the energy that continuously flows thru the body’s meridians. The experience typically has minimal pain or discomfort, and has a naturally calming effect.

This method can be used to treat virtually all disorders.  Some of these include insomnia, anxiety, depression, migraine headaches, digestive disturbances, asthma, pain, carpal tunnel, high blood pressure, thyroid problems and joint injuries to name a few.

Dr. Tan was a famous Acupuncture Physician who taught his highly effective, efficient style of acupuncture all over the world.  His legacy allows Acupuncturists to practice a wonderful art that gives quick medical results. At Tampa Bay Acu Health and Spine, we offer this method to our patients.

Master Tung was a practitioner who graciously shared his family style of acupuncture after using it for decades and further refining it.  We are grateful to be able to deliver this potent healing art to our patients.

Our acupuncture sessions include cupping massage, gua sha massage, and/or related modalities in addition to 45 minutes of acupuncture.  Your rapid improvement is our only goal.

As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine who has devoted many years to this medical art, I feel the need to help educate people on what Oriental Medicine and acupuncture is and is not.  Too often, I hear someone say that they tried acupuncture with a medical person who is not an acupuncturist/DOM.  Usually, they also report that they had no real benefit from the treatment. This is because they did not actually have authentic acupuncture.  The medical professional may be an expert in their own field, but they probably do not realize that it takes five years to learn acupuncture, and more years to develop the skills needed to be consistently effective at acupuncture. (Most non acupuncturists can legally practice acupuncture after a week of training. 

This is dangerous and harms the reputation of true acupuncture).


True acupuncture for pain provides pain relief within seconds, and for internal health issues, starts giving results within a session or two.  Similarly with Chinese herbs, some people like to apply them to health disorders on patients, but do not know that the patient needs to be assessed with Chinese Medical theory and evaluation for the best plan and herbal selection.  If one would not take a pharmaceutical prescription without a diagnosis, why would one take herbal medicine without a diagnosis?

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